Understanding my patients’ needs and providing the highest quality dental care with a very gentle manner is what I’ve built my private dental practice around.
I feel it is important to let you know that I love my work. I find cosmetic dentistry in particular exciting, challenging and creative.
The amazing personal fulfilment I feel when I’ve been able to give someone back their dental health and smile
is the reason that I do what I do.
I truly believe great dentists are created through superb training and are dedicated to life-long learning.
The values of health, clarity, caring, simplicity and prevention inspired me to launch a dental clinic 
that achieves the dental concept for treating the patients with high levels of patient satisfaction.
“There is nothing more beautiful than providing the essence of true loving dental care” 
Over a remarkable 15yr career, Dr.Skoura graduated from Leeds Dental Institute in UK at the age of 23 yrs old.
She carried out research in antibodies against Caries Disease (Decay) with famous professors from Leeds Dental Institute.
She has also been awarded with the British Dental Association award for research and a scholarship by Leeds Foundation for Oral Research.
She has worked as the dentist for the personnel of various prestigious organisations and the Harley Street Cosmetic clinic in London.
Dr.Theodora Skoura BchD Eng FRCD London,  is a graduate of Dentistry comments of Leeds Dentistry Institution, England 1999.
Has retrain Dentistry in Thames post graduate Center for Medical and Dental education in London 2000.
Practicing Reconstructive and Aesthetic Dentistry for 15 years in Harley street in London and Vasilisis Sofias Athens
She participated in research work  fellow of the South African Medical research Unit with the prestigious professor Prof. CLEATON JONES.
Has participation in numerous global and Greek conferences as a speaker with announcements on the investigative work
Monitors annually international conferences in Europe and America and remain updated on all global new developments of Aesthetic Dentistry
Writes articles as counselor-dentist specialized in Beauty Dentistry on new developments and techniques in women’s health and beauty magazines.
She has written articles in scientific journals in collaboration with Prof. teachers Scherer of New York Dental College of America.
She is a member of the British Cosmetic Dentistry Academy and member of the Academy of Sciences of New York.
Dr. Skoura is well known of being the dentist of VIPs. 
“She is successful in practising diagnosis and treatment even in rare syndromes cases of oral diseases”, quotes Professor Warren Scherrer (Numb chin Syndrome 1 2 ) from New York Dental School. 
Theodora Skoura joins the long list of talented individuals with genuine passion to create exclusive dental works for improving dental health of the population.