Greece has lower levels in the epidemiological studies of oral health than other European countries.
The economic situation causes difficulty for a budget to meet the basic needs of some social groups with problems in accessing primary dental care.
The team of SkourasDent is committed to the values of volunteering for providing the core principle of dental health for everyone.
To that respect, we have developed a fixed program of visits to schools, charities and orphanages.
During the visit the oral health professionals explain the fundamentals of practicing dental care with the use of teaching aids and educational toys.
Donations are offered to the children in the form of complete oral hygiene kits including baby toothbrushes and toothpastes.
Clinical examinations and fluoride treatments are also conducted to determine the dental health index of these children to help with demographic oral health promotion.
 The main objective is to familiarize children with the dental care and to reinforce a happy child regime customised with oral health prevention.
UNESCO awards Greek doctor

For the important contribution of culture, health and the Greek family so sorely tested in recent years by the crisis, it was awarded by UNESCO Piraeus and Islands, the physician and Director of the Dental Clinic Skourasdent, Dr. Theodora Skoura.

The dentist has a 15-year international career, with extensive charitable work which includes visits and subscriptions to institutions – primarily by children – that face serious problems due to the crisis underfunding of the system.

While Dr. Skoura accepted the prize from the president of the group,  the famous dentist, said: “Today’s award by UNESCO of Piraeus and Islands is dedicated to my patients and the thousands of people who are trained in health education aiming for prevention promotion.

I have the honor to dedicate this praise to the roots of the Greek civilization which is the epitome of study for broader human education sophistication combined with health education as fundamental assets. I thank the whole team and the volunteer staff of Skourasdent health clinic. “
The ceremony was held on Sunday, January 10, 2016 at the Hilton Hotel, under the umbrella of MONEYSHOW conference, where also participated presidents of educational institutions, veterans athletes with social contribution to the new generation and personalities as sponsors. SOURCE:

Unesco Award


Ethical treatment and support of stray animals
Part of the proceedings of SkourasDent go for the support and veterinary treatment of stray animals (50 cats and dogs) homed in a farm in Messinia owned by the Skouras family.