Welcome to SkourasDent.

Our mission is to offer top quality dental care for all ages.

All our staff  is highly experienced.

We provide high standard services to cover for all your needs of routine and specialised dental care.



Our Dentistry 

Step into SkourasDent clinic and experience world-class affordable dentistry in the heart of Athens.
Our Award Winning practice has been designed with patient comfort as the MAIN priority
so as to ensure that your dental experience is a pleasurable one.
The ethos of our dentistry is patient centered. We listen, then we listen and then we listen some more…
Our reputation for treating nervous patients from all over the world has been built on this caring approach to dentistry.
Dr Theodora Skoura, the clinical director of SkourasDent practice is one of the leading cosmetic dentists in Athens.
If you are looking for a U.K / American graduated dentist practising in Athens, rest assured, you are in good hands.
Treating our patients as we would wish to be treated ourselves.
Striving to deliver treatment upon patients expectations.

Our Qualities 

Quality means well trained and highly qualified staff.
Appropriate time management for fewer sessions utilised so that cost of treatment is minimised with maximum benefit
to the patient’s budget.
Holistic dental care, where a personalised treatment plan is formulated individually to every patient’s consent
for treatment with respect to
 the dental needs, attitude, perception and personality of each and every different patient.


Our values and principles

Pain-free dentistry and use of behavioural management techniques for treating dental phobic patients.
Trustworthy and sincere communication between patient and dentist.
ECO-friendly is a green, mercury-free dental practice, using only environmentally friendly materials and technology.
Dr. Theodora Skoura is a member of the Mercury Free Organization that took action in Brussels in 2006.
She is supporting a european ban in mercury containing dental restoration materials, known as amalgam fillings.