mercury safe denstisry

The AmericanDentalAssociation actually supports Mercury-Safe Dentistry, it just uses a different name. The ADA calls it The ADA’s ‘Dental Mercury Hygiene Recommendations’. The ADA lists a number of sources of mercury exposure at the dental office, including polishing and removing amalgam. It also recommends that all personnel involved in the handling of mercury and dental amalgam be trained in the potential hazards of mercury vapor and the necessity of observing good mercury hygiene. Although limited in scope the ADA does promote mercury safe dentistry. So while it still may vehemently defend the use of amalgam it encourages dentists to be mercury-safe. Not only does the ADA encourage dentists to be mercury-safe, you should promote the fact that you are to your patients and the public. It also shows that the ADA does not believe that the elemental mercury used in amalgams is somehow safer than elemental mercury used in other products and equipment.

The ADA’s Dental Mercury Hygiene Recommendations were published in: J AM Dent Assoc, Vol 134, No.11, 1498-1499; © 2003, American Dental Association. You can access the article online at